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Attic Mold Removal Services Near Me

In North Carolina, where winters are can be wet and summers are humid, most attics have the ideal conditions for mold to grow – dark, warm, and moist. The problem with attic mold is its destructive nature, and with damage, the repairs can be costly.

The Negative Effects of Attic Mold

If you’re suspecting mold growth in the attic, there may be cause for concern. In the early stages, there are few negative effects, however, serious mold infiltration can cause damage. Often times, mold will compromise the integrity of attic insulation, and in worst cases, the wooden structure of the attic can be affected. What’s important is to identify the source of the mold growth, and where necessary, undertake mold removal and mold remediation.

The Health Effects
While many agree that indoor mold and respiratory ailments are connected, every person reacts differently when exposed to mold. The elderly and the very young, for example, are more vulnerable to the ill effects of mold and mold spores. Once discovered, mold should be removed – there’s no reason to be needlessly exposed.

Insulation Removal
If mold has infiltrated the insulation in your attic, the insulation must be removed and replace. An expert inspection will confirm the scope of an infiltration and the extent of damage to the insulation. Insulation removal must be managed professionally – this is not the right time to save money with a DIY (do-it-yourself) project.

High Energy Bills
Attic insulation can certainly provide “nourishment” for mold to grow and thrive. But mold can also compromise insulation performance, and therefore affect home energy efficiency. With higher-than-usual energy bills, it’s wise to inspect attic insulation, and assess how and where energy efficiency is being negatively affected.

Structural Integrity
Mold can be tricky – it can remain undetected in the attic until it’s well entrenched. In the most serious of mold infiltrations, mold can damage wooden attic elements and contribute to significant structural deterioration. Unfortunately, this type of damage requires serious remediation, repairs, and upgrades (usually costly).

In Raleigh-Durham, the Triangle and surrounding areas, Bio-One Provides Professional Mold Removal Service.   

Naturally, preventing mold growth in the attic is preferable – with a well-sealed and well-ventilated attic cavity. Also worthwhile is a regular attic inspection, in order to check for mold in its early stages. This is a preventive approach with long-term benefits.

All things considered, for some homeowners attic mold is a reality, and the only option is mold remediation.

The certified technicians at Bio-One has the expertise and experience to identify attic mold, remove the infiltration, and make necessary repairs. Contact us today for a free inspection and estimate.