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Animal Hoarding - Cleaning Services Near Me

One of the worst forms of animal cruelty—hoarding—affects an estimated 250,000 animals per year. Unlike generalized hoarding, the motivations for animal hoarding are different. Animal hoarders are motivated by the thought they are somehow saving these animals’ lives and they are the only ones who can care for them.


Although the animals are typically found in very poor living conditions and may be sick, injured or starving, the hoarders do not see it this way and are suspicious of any help that is offered.


In addition, animal hoarders must think about where the animals go if their disorder is to be dealt with. Removing and finding new homes for the animals is a more emotional process than removing hoarded objects from a home.


Getting an animal hoarder to accept help may be challenging. A pet hoarder needs to be convinced his or her animals are in immediate danger and need immediate assistance. Due to safety issues, the cleaning of an animal hoarder’s home should be left to professional biohazard technicians.


Bio-One technicians are carefully trained to remove left behind animal waste, disinfect the environment deodorize the area and restore the home to a habitable condition. Our staff utilizes personal protective equipment to ensure safety.


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