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Pop the Hood - Mold & Your Car

Hard to imagine your life without motorized transportation or the feel of slipping into a luxury model racer, right? Yet, along with all that freedom to roam comes the potential for problems – in fact, one might say, enough to EXHAUST your bank balance.

Beyond the typical repairs, there is one issue that is enough to drive you to the brink – CAR MOLD. The unsightly and indistinguishable smelly, unhealthy fungus inside your otherwise reliable driving machine. Seats, carpets – nothing is safe. A car can be the perfect petri-dish for mold growth especially when you consider it can become locked up for a long period of time during the wet weather.

Common Causes of Car Mold   

  •  Flooding – if you’ve left a window open or, once like me, had an undetected flaw in the sealing of a back hatch during monsoon season.
  •            Detailing – if it hasn’t been dried properly after.
  •            Air Conditioners
  •            Cross Contamination – pets, plants, uncleaned spills and other moldy items can spread the spores.


While you may be able to disguise the musty smell in the very short-term, the problems are actually more serious. Mold is  associated with some health effects including allergies, infections and toxic mold disease. Eliminating mold requires

expertise and protection.


The real solution is to let Bio-One Raleigh and our mold remediation experts work our disinfecting magic. Our mold-certified  technician will come to you, determine the remediation necessary, to include chemicals designed to kill the spores, fogging,  ozone machine treatment, and complete cleanup.


The result – your automobile is once again ready to be the King of the Road.


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