Bio-One of Raleigh decontamination and biohazard cleaning services

Mold? Odor? Hoarding? Don't Let it Ruin Your Real Estate Sale.


Don’t let it ruin your Real Estate Sale. 


Are You a Real Estate Agent  Looking for Permanent Answers to Remove Mold, Cigarette Smoke, Pet Urine, and Other Difficult Odors In Your Property Listings? No matter if you represent the sellers, buyers, or both we have a solution for you and them.



Certified Mold Technicians
Vapor Barrier Removal & Replacement
Drywall Removal & Replacement


Human, Animal, Smoke Remediation
Eliminate Viruses & Bacteria
Clean & Treat Air Ducts, Furnace and Cooling System


Complete Junk out & Removal
Gross Filth Cleaning
Disinfecting & Disinfecting

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